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The 2020 Virtual Doctor’s Office Survey


Thanks so much for joining us–we hope you’ll take part in our survey, below. We will use the information we collect here to help inform our healthcare clients on various subjects, in our ongoing mission to help doctors and other providers serve you, their patients, to the best of their (and our) ability. This survey should take you between five to ten minutes to fill out. Thanks again!

Many doctors in this time of coronavirus are offering to see their patients for routine follow-up visits by way of online video visits or telephone. For patients who are unable to get to a facility near them, telehealth visits may be their only method of seeing a doctor regularly.
Teleconferencing software such as Zoom, or proprietary software made specifically for a doctor’s office, is being used for patient visits or contacts with staff in many doctor’s offices and hospitals.
We’d love to hear about what was great, what was awful, what was meh, what worked for you and what didn’t.